Friends, I have some exciting news. Help One Now will begin working in Ethiopia this fall. Needless to say, we are so excited! We have been dreaming about working in Ethiopia for many years; we just had to wait for the right partnership opportunity to come along.

The Backstory

Last spring, our Board Chairman Mike Rusch approached me with an idea — one of those “what if” conversations. Mike and Corrie adopted from Ethiopia and had been working with another organization in Ethiopia for many years. Furthermore, Mike also serves on their board too.

The organization is called Kidmia. They do some phenomenal work in Ethiopia — they provide high capacity local leaders, experience in progressive models of indigenous orphan care in Ethiopia (in Muslim communities) and strong Ethiopian church partners.

We are able to combine that with our innovative child sponsorship model, a fast growing global tribe, creative storytelling. We also have our amazing staff in Uganda, Tim and Genessa Newberry, and Lamar Stockton has just come on full time in July as International Operations Director. We are primed to take advantage of this great opportunity in Ethiopia.

Our Previous Collaboration

Help One Now, along with Compassion, The Idea Camp, Together for Adoption, The Rooted Church, and The Christian Alliance for Orphans collaborated with Kidmia in 2011 to fund a conference to train Ethiopian pastors on orphan care and adoption. The conference was wildly successful and hundreds of pastors were trained.

Moving Forward

After multiple conversations with David, the Executive Director of Kidmia, our board and Kidmia’s board decided to work together and collaborate.

Now, if you don’t know Aschalew and his team in Ethiopia, you should. Aschalew matches our passion to partner with “high capacity local leaders.” The Help One Now model breaks down if we don’t have the right leader on the ground who is implementing the work.

How Will This Work?

Our first big goal is to sponsor 30 kids. Ultimately, our hope is to ensure that these kids do not become orphans; rather, we want them to stay with their families, have access to health care and proper nutrition and attend school. Under the local leadership that Kidmia has established, we believe that these children can overcome poverty if they have a good foundation. Child sponsorship provides that foundation.

How Can You Help?

1) Pray. We’re busy doing a bunch of work to prepare the sponsorship program.

2) Commit to sponsoring a child in Ethiopia by filling out this form. When the sponsorship program goes live, we will email you.

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