Occasionally,  I would like to share about organizations or individuals that are doing some amazing work across the globe and making a true difference in our world.

Here’s the first edition!

Lemonade International: My friends Bill & Cherie Cummings are doing some amazing work in La Limonada, an urban slum in Guatemala City.  Lemonade International is less then two years old, a young organization that’s sure to make a long term impact in La Limonada.  Follow them on Twitter – @lemonadeintl

Children’s HopeChest: Tom Davis was doing orphan care work in the 90’s, because of that I have a deep respect for him, and Children’s HopeChest.  Recently, they have focused on of human trafficking.  Great organization being led by some great people. Follow them on Twitter – @hope_chest.

The Cobblestone Project: A domestic organization that serves the poor in NW. Arkansas!  They’re doing some really tangible work that makes a true difference in their community.  I love how they network and collaborate with churches, local corporations and other organizations to serve their community.  You can go here to learn about those who are leading and shaping the organization. Follow them on Twitter – @csproject

Esther Havens: Esther is a fellow Austinite and humanitarian photographer. Esther uses her art to communicate the story of the global poor, especially those who lack clean water.  She’s worked with various organizations such as TOMS Shoes, Invisible Children and Charity: Water. Esther is truly passionate about those who suffer, and she is doing something significant to tell their story to the world. Follow Esther on Twitter – @estherhavens.