Help One Now began in 2007 when founder and CEO Chris Marlow crossed paths with a group of abandoned children at a gas station in Harare, Zimbabwe.  After hugging and playing with those children, Chris was forced to do something very uncomfortable.  He had to tell those children that NO, he could not feed them, could not clothe them, and that he too would leave them stranded.  Driving away from those sad faces, he decided that, somehow, he would tell those children “yes” from now on.

Within a year, Chris had started a Sponsorship Program in Zimbabwe, so that kids like the ones he met could be sponsored by loving individuals and families from around the world and have a chance to break out of the poverty cycle.  Through the work of local leaders and the support of an amazing tribe, Chris Marlow and Help One Now have been telling children “yes” ever since.  And now, with your help, we are campaigning to say a very large and resounding “YES” to even more children.

Help One Now is committed to 1,000 new Sponsorships by the end of 2014!  Yes–ONE  THOUSAND.

And we need YOU.

Our child sponsorship program is our backbone.  As a Sponsor, you are providing food, clothes, medicine, supplies, education and community for our kids to lead happy and healthy lives.  Without it, our projects simply won’t be possible.  We are able to raise money for digging wells, building schools and churches, feeding children, and everything else we do because our sponsors step up and fill the initial gap in these communities.

So, if you’re already a sponsor, we have one ask — Find a friend or relative to join you in sponsoring your child or another child in the community.  If you are not yet a sponsor, then please take a look at our sponsorship page and join us in making a difference in the lives of children in Haiti, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia & Peru.

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