I hope your 2015 off to a great start! 2014 was Help One Now’s most successful year yet, and 2015 is promising to be even better. This means the leaders with whom we partner will continue to be empowered and resourced more than ever to impact the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and their communities all around the world.

However, since our model is indeed focused so much on local leaders, partnerships can be complex. Leaders sometimes have a clear line of sight in how they want to operate and alignment issues can occur.

Unfortunately, this has happened at Oasis Village. We have come to a place where necessary and appropriate measures of communication, transparency, accountability, proper reporting, and adequate follow through have become consistent issues. These aspects are a vital part of the Help One Now model and without them, everything breaks down. This disables us from properly and confidently stewarding over your hard-earned, generous monthly donation. Therefore, we are ending our partnership at Oasis Village.

We are prayerful and hopeful that Oasis Village will continue to progress in a manner that is advantageous for all involved. Just like any relationship, partnership is hard and sometimes they simply do not work out. Help One Now walks away in confidence, knowing that Oasis Village is in a better place than it was before our involvement. We THANK YOU for being a part of that!

For those previously connected to Oasisiah, please know that this has been very difficult.  Though Oasis Village was such a large part of the Oasisiah story initially, this is indeed the right move! It is my deep belief that our merger with Help One Now gave Oasis Village the greatest opportunity to see vision actually come to fruition. That did not happen.  Vision comes and goes, but the CAUSE remains. I am more confident than ever to enable you to be a part of that CAUSE: empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Instead of just stopping your sponsorship altogether, we will move your sponsorship to another child, based on the highest need, at one of our other Haitian communities–Yahve Shamma or Pestel Village. You’ll receive a new card in the mail, and your payments will begin to reflect a sponsorship for your new child after 30 days.

Pastor Gaetan Alcégaire is the leader of both these communities, and he has worked with Help One Now for over 5 years. Through his leadership, Help One Now has seen some amazing things take place. Hundreds of lives are now being directly impacted daily through his work. You can read more about Pastor Gaetan’s incredible story and the hard work he’s doing in Pestel Village here and Yahve Shamma here.

If you would prefer to select your sponsored child yourself within one of these communities (or a child in a completely different community or country), please let us know via email!  Furthermore, we do ask that you continue to be in prayer for your child at Oasis Village and the community.

If you have any questions or would like further explanation about anything related to this transition, please email me at payton@helponenow.com. I will also be available to schedule a phone call or video chat.

Please continue with us on this journey, as we strive for IMPACT. Together we build, one child, one leader, and one community at a time!