A few weeks ago, my friend and HELP board member Mike Rusch and Jacob Kaler invited Help End Local Poverty to participate in an NW Arkansas Haiti Relief meeting. Mike & Jacob help lead The CobbleStone Project in NW Arkansas along with a host of other folks.

The goal was to connect with area churches, businesses and individuals who are passionate about serving our friends in Haiti. I wanted to say thanks to the following churches who participated and hosted the event:

Also, I enjoyed connecting with Craig from Thirst No More. They do great relief work, and they’re also going to do some longterm work in Haiti. Check them out.

I would also like to thank all the people who came Tuesday to hear stories from Haiti. So many folks in NW Arkansas are loving and caring for our friends in Haiti and the orphan world-wide.

Tuesday morning, we were able to meet with Dr. Steve Graves. I heard him give a message at Q Austin in 2009. I was excited to learn from him, hear stories and listen to ways that HELP could become better at what we do.

I wish I could thank all the individuals that I met, connected with and heard stories of love and service from, it was deeply encouraging, and motivating. Clearly, something beautiful is happening in NW Arkansas, thanks for letting us participate.