Help One Now has a passion to solve the world’s greatest problems: extreme poverty, the global orphan crisis and human-trafficking. One Child,  One Leader, One Community.

This is what we live and breathe, day to day.

In essence, we are problem solvers who desire to innovate and create solutions that will break the chains of injustice and create opportunities for the extreme global poor to care for themselves and not rely on handouts.

If we are going to accomplish our mission, we cannot be content with staying put or being conservative. We must push the envelope in ways beyond our own ability, energy or strength.

This starts with our team and moves on to our tribe.

I had to ask this question: How does Help One Now bring on the most passionate and talented people who will help us solve these problems and execute at the highest possible level?

It started with our board of directors. I have six people that I wanted on our board. I made the ASK to four new board members in January and they all said YES!

Let me introduce you:

  • Mike Rusch (Board Chair) – COO of Pure Charity
  • Jason Gore – Church planter, staff pastor at Hope Community Church
  • Charles Lee – CEO of !deation, author of Good Idea, Now What?
  • Jen Hatmaker – Author of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, speaker & church planter
  • Dr. Adam Maass – Physician to the world
  • Josh Williams – Entrepreneur, founder of tech start-up GoWalla, project manager at Facebook

These individuals are brilliant, passionate, and they will push Help One Now to be the very best we can be. They have already been deeply involved in the Help One Now story the past four years. Now, they will help us solve the problems that we are passionate about.

I am grateful to have these amazing leaders and friends helping to lead and guide the Help One Now vision, mission and strategy for the next 2-3 years!

Let’s welcome the new board of directors for 2013 & 2014.