We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just hired a new staff member – Blanca Garcia! Blanca’s ben connected to our tribe for some time as a volunteer. She is passionate about ending extreme poverty, and she is willing to sacrifice to make that happen. Needless to say, we’re stoked that she is coming on-board to help us rescue orphans, restore their hope and renew their communities!
Take a moment and get to know Blanca.
Q. In your words, tell us why you’re choosing to join on the HELP team? 
Ever since I first heard about HELP, I loved their mission and passion to serve orphans around the globe. After meeting their partners in Zimbabwe last year and getting to know the HELP team a lot more, I kept wanting to find ways to get more involved with HELP and use my gifts to serve alongside them. I just quit my job as a wedding photographer in order to get more involved in the fight to end extreme poverty, and everything just lined up nicely with the opportunity to join the HELP staff team. I’m blessed to have this opportunity, and excited to see how God might use me in His work around the world.

Q. When you think of the global orphan crisis, what is your reaction?

It can be pretty overwhelming to think about the global orphan crisis. You can read all the statistics and just feel numb at the end of the day. And a lot of times rather than doing anything, we do nothing. But as a Christian, I believe we are called to serve the poor and care for orphans and widows – whether it be through giving, praying or going. So even if I can’t fix all the problems of the world on my own, it’s important for me to figure out my individual role in this much bigger story. We all have unique skills and gifts we can use to serve one another. We just have to step up and take action.

Q. What’s your role with HELP? Rumor has it, a move to Cape Town could be in your future?

Hahahah… the rumor’s out, eh? Well, my current role is helping the stateside operations, planning logistics for HELP’s short-term trips, and helping with the Garage Sale for Orphans campaign as well as the Help One Now sponsorship program. Basically, all sorts of stuff. I love it!! I’ll also be going on several short-term trips with HELP over the next several months, and using photography to bring back stories and updates on HELP’s projects in Africa and Haiti. I’m so pumped!!

This has been such a big part of my heart and my passion, so it’s quite exciting for me! And yes…the rumor is true. I hope to do a long-term stay in Cape Town beginning next summer to help HELP launch its international office. But you’ll have to wait to hear more details about that later! 🙂 Needless to say, I’m excited about my current role as well as future opportunities with the HELP team.

Q. All right, now to get a bit more personal:

1. Fav Band? I’ll say Coldplay, although my friends are going to kill me for not saying U2.
2. Fav Movie? Life Is Beautiful
3. Fav Austin Restaurant? Rudy’s BBQ
4. Mac or PC? Mac, of course!!!
5. And who is Mexican Mike? Um…it’s SPANISH Mike, not Mexican Mike… hahaha Spanish Mike is my car, and it’s named after the guy from “One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song”. YouTube it. It’s good stuff.

Feel free to read Blanca’s blog, and follow her on Twitter and check out her photography work (on her blog). Also, you’ll be hearing more of her thoughts and stories right here on our blog, as she travels the world to serve and love orphans!