This may be one of the most exciting days in our short history. A few weeks ago, I spent 10 days with Tom Ward, and his family. Needless to say, Tom and I really connected. We both have a deep passion for the gospel, the global poor and the orphan. A key trait I look for, as we launch a start-up non-profit is risk. Who’s willing to take the risk that is necessary? Well, I learned that Tom, and his wife Cherie are both risk-takers. After multiple conversations talking about our vision and dreaming about the future, Tom has decided to come on staff with HELP. This is exciting news, I’m so thrilled.

Tom has traveld the globe extensively, worked with orphans and he’s already connected to some key leaders in Zambia and India. Tom will be The Director of our Restore Initiatives. Which means, Tom will oversee our child sponsorship program, Help One Sundays. (church partnerships) and he’ll also oversee some day-to-day operations. Tom will eventually relocate to Austin, TX with his family in the near future.
Next week, we will post a interview with Tom. Can’t wait, until then, please welcome Tom and Cherie, and their 3 kids, Ashleigh, Sarah and Ethan.