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About this Fundraiser

Musha WeVana in Marondera, Zimbabwe is home to 80 orphaned children. The kids are loved and cared for by the Musha Wevana staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are well fed, clothed and counseled. They are part of a vibrant church community, and they are going to school to get an education. They have a safe home, a good bed, and the comfort and love of family.

Our commitment to these kids is for the long haul—university, trade school, and employment. Because our dream for these children is to see them become responsible and productive members of Zimbabwean society, we have recently begun an agricultural and vocational training program for the older children living in the home. This program will provide the tools and opportunities they need to transition into adulthood. 

As part of the training program, the boys will need a dormitory located on the property where the training will take place, so they will be able to play an active role in caring for and cultivating the property. We have been given the unique opportunity to purchase a piece of property adjacent to the property where our agricultural training program is located! This property already has dormitory buildings in place! This purchase will allow us to expand the amount of land available for farming and other vocational training projects, as well as provide quality housing for the boys participating in the program. 

The total amount needed to purchase the dorm buildings and land is $150,000. This addition to the agricultural training program will impact over 100 people each year! We invite you to dream with us to see these boys receive a foundation that will allow them to thrive as they transition into adulthood.