Seeking Justice in 2012

2012 has been an amazing year. We are truly grateful for our “tribe.” Those of you who pray, who go, who give, who serve, who advocate and who partner with us to make the world a better place!

We are a voice to those who suffer. We are hope to those who are hopeless.

God is moving. We’re just trying to keep up with Him. He is the ultimate seeker of justice! (Tweet That)

Being Present

Today we celebrate the incarnation of Christ. As humans we learn that impact starts with being present and entering into someone else’s story. Jesus did that for us. God became a baby, then a boy, then a man who started a revolution of love and justice. He came to make what is wrong, right.

Then he died, rose from the dead and called His followers to do the same.

  • To care for the orphan and widow!
  • To free the slave.
  • To serve the vulnerable.
  • To empower those who suffer due to extreme poverty so they can then empower others.
  • To proclaim his love and goodness to all the world through our actions and words!

We Partner with African and Haitian Leaders

We walk next to them (our Haitian and African friends) together… following the footsteps of Jesus. One is not better than the other. We are broken. We are forgiven. We are together in community, on mission to make the world better because Jesus’ is good news!

It’s not easy. We don’t always understand. We wish we could help more.

We do our best to help with dignity. We do out best to focus on love. We do our best to learn from one another. This is a partnership.

Sabbath and Mission

Today we pause to rest, reflect and refuel and celebrate the birth of Christ, the Anointed One. So we can be committed to living out the gospel and seeing captives set free by God’s grace, love and power.

We stare evil in the face and refuse to back down, ignore or do nothing.

We are God’s people, His church, doing our best to lay our lives down for our generation.

It all started 2000 years ago. A baby, a manger, God in the flesh!

And he allows us, His church, to participate in the redemption and renewal of all things!

Chris and the Help One Now team!