Meet Rosena Joseph.

She is truly an inspirational figure. After losing her parents as a young child, she grew up in a girl’s home (as a matter of fact, it was Jean-Alix Paul’s Spirit of Truth Girls Home in Ferrier). Being at this home allowed her to attend school, something that many girls her age were not–and still are not–able to do.

She had the opportunity to continue her education after high school, graduating from a university with a nursing degree. She was determined to help the people of her community, and her education equipped her to do that.

Now, she is the director of Ferrier Village, Help One Now’s anti-trafficking initiative. Under her leadership, Ferrier Village provides full-time care to 45 rescued children. These children were either rescued from trafficking, or from a situation where they were very vulnerable.

Rosena is a testament to many things – the power of sponsorship and support, the impact of education on a girl’s life, and the love she experienced through the family environment that Jean-Alix Paul fostered at the Spirit of Truth Girls Home.

But more than that – she leads and loves because of the gifts God gave her. The children at Ferrier Village are blessed to have her, and we are honored to walk beside her in support of Ferrier Village.