His Mercy School is an education and community development initiative of Help One Now in Mayuge, Uganda – provides quality education to more than 300 children in the Mayuge District of Uganda.

It is also a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.


Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is a beautiful country with a difficult past, a challenging present, and a promising future. Conflict persists in its northern region, it is home to over 2.5 million orphans, well over half the population is under the age of 18, and nearly 40% of Ugandans live in poverty.

Kikubo village, in the Mayuge District of Uganda, is one of the poorest villages in the country. The people of Kikubo are primarily subsistence farmers who live peasantry lives. Illiteracy levels are high and superstitious beliefs are commonplace. The area is also continually ravaged by jiggers (the chigoe flea, a parasite that attacks the feet), extreme poverty and disease. And all too often, well-intentioned and desperate parents send their kids away in hope of education and opportunity, and those children are turned into slaves.


Population: 39.03 million; 49.9% population under age 15

Area: 93,065 sq mi

Year of Independence:  1962



  • 73.2% literacy rate
  • Uganda’s youth literacy rate is 87.6%


  • 59 year life expectancy (up 11 years since 1990)
  • 1.5mil people living with HIV/AIDS
  • 74.8% of population using improved drinking water sources


Pop. Living In Poverty:   38% (13.6 million)

Orphan Pop:  2.5 million orphans (1.2 million orphaned by AIDS)



  • Ugandan children as young as 7 are exploited in forced labor. Forced child labor occurs in agriculture, cattle herding, mining, stone quarrying, brick making, car washing, scrap metal collection, bars, restaurants & the domestic service sector; girls & boys are also exploited in prostitution.
  • 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, Uganda


A few years ago, Edward Magumba and his church started a school for orphans and children from extremely poor families in Kikubo village — a village where very few could afford even the subsidized school fees. He believes education will help children have a bright future, restore hope in their lives, help them access economic opportunities, and give them the tools to transform their community.

His Mercy Christian School currently provides quality education to more than 300 students, including a hot meal for students and staff every day. It also serves as a hub for community development work including daily access to healthcare at the new clinic, micro lending, leadership development, orphan care and more. Help One Now sustains the operations of this school and the accompanying development work through our vulnerable child sponsorship program and our Help One Classroom campaign.


The school and its teachers are consistently improving, and we will continue to invest in their success. In the coming years, we plan to expand the school to include secondary school; collaborate with local education officials to provide in-house training courses for teachers; implement agricultural projects for sustainable income; and more. Construction is finished on new dormitories that will be a place of peace and safety for over 50 girls at the school, and in the coming year we want to begin on a dormitory for boys.


We sponsor vulnerable children 2 times to ensure their life-changing, education, food, and medical needs are consistently met, and to support their local leaders and allow them to improve the living situations for all of the children in their care.


Pastor Edward is our local leader in the Jinja area of Uganda. He lives in Buwenda Village with his wife and 2 sons. Edward has planted 2 churches and oversees His Mercy Christian School that serves over 200 impoverished and orphaned children. He has also initiated empowerment projects that have uplifted and improved the lives of widows and other vulnerable groups of people. Edward is passionate about education and the future of his country. We are currently partnering with Edward to build homes for families, empower and resource the teachers of His Mercy School, help hundreds of children get a good education through child sponsorship, and various other community development projects.


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