Last week, I sent a simple tweet asking for some investors to give to the Help One Now Bloggers’ Legacy Project and help us build a school for orphans and other community children in Haiti.

A few hours later I received an email from someone requesting more information. The next day, I received another email from her husband with a commitment.

Needless to say, I was amazed, excited and incredibly grateful.  This is a huge opportunity for the Legacy Project.

What does this mean?

Until the end of THIS Sunday, only five days from now, every donation that is given, every brick that is purchased to build this school, will be matched — up to $9200!


This is a major opportunity; within the next few days, we could be 30% funded for the entire project, even though we just launched a week ago. AMAZING!


1) Will you buy a brick ($25), or 2, or 5? Maybe even a BUNDLE (10 bricks at $250)? Every brick you buy will be matched, up to $9,200, by the private donor.

It’s like your donation is doubling on the spot!

2) Ask your family, friends, small group and co-workers to buy a brick or two also.

3) Blog, Facebook, tweet, share;  leverage your social media by telling the Legacy Project story.

We Can Do This Together.

We knew it would take faith, hard work and some large-scale donation to fully fund the project. And the good news, we have all three of those elements happening.

God is good. Thank you for being generous and brave.

Today, our kids are in a school, under a tent. Soon, they will be in a real school.

This matters to them. This matters to us. Together, we are making the world better by moving forward, one brick at a time!


Chris Marlow, Founder/CEO