From the moment we got on a plane and headed to Austin in mid-December for the holidays, life has been crazy-busy! So much going on with HELP, lot’s of transitions (we are use to this), lot’s of traveling, big conference, and of course working to serve folks in Haiti post-earthquake, and our kids in Zimbabwe!

I’m not complaining AT ALL, we are so blessed, and we love what God has called us to do. But, margins have been thin, days off are very rare, and finances have been tough. Here are some thoughts:

– We are learning to trust God daily.
– It takes a team to make a difference.
– God gives us strength when we need it, but He will also FORCE us to slow down, if we violate the sabbath.
– True ministry is hard work, hard hard hard work!
– God is doing something special in Austin.
– You have to have a clear vision, but, you also must be willing to adapt on the fly, and take advantage of a key opportunities. Haiti came out-of-nowhere, but we are seeing much fruit and we’re able to help those in need.
– The vision must be big enough, that man can’t do it alone, but simple enough, so the tribe can articulate the vision, and work towards it’s objectives!
– Mistakes happen, don’t fret, instead lead, adapt, communicate, and move forward. So many times, we make mistakes, lose momentum, and we never see the mission accomplished, because we get discouraged.

The past few months have been incredible, life-giving, heart-breaking, and confusing. Yet, it’s been truly beautiful and fulfilling!