If you’ve followed our journey the last few years, you know how much we love and respect Heartline Ministries. On our first trip to Haiti, we stayed at Troy Livesay’s home. I’ve asked Troy a million questions these past two years as I try to process how to serve the Haitian people. I’ve also connected with John Mchoul, who is the founder of Heartline and has lived in Haiti for close to 30 years. The Mchoul and Livesay families have truly been a blessing to us, Haiti and the church in general.

Jen Halverson, one of  Heartline’s volunteer medical staff, has requested some pregcancy tests from any folks going to Haiti soon, as their supplies are running low. I (Chris) responded that we would be willing to bring some pregancy tests down when we leave for this Friday. (Feb 10th)

Now I need your help! I want to bring as many pregnancy tests as possible so our friends at Heartline can serve the Haitian women. So, if the H.E.L.P. tribe would be willing to donate, we can help bless Heartline and fulfill this need. We need to place an order via Amazon this Monday. Click the PayPal link to donate, 100% of all donated funds will go towards purchasing pregnancy tests for Heartline.

$10 buys roughly ten pregnancy tests.

Thanks, and let’s fill up some suitcases for our friends in Haiti!