We want to finish strong. Together, we have come along way. Five weeks ago, the Legacy Project was a simple dream. Today, the dream has a foundation, four walls and a roof.

We are getting closer, but we still have a bit more to go. I feel like we are running a marathon and I wonder if we will run out of gas before we cross the finish line.

But, the finish line is right in front of us. Yes, we are tired. I’m sure many of you never want to hear the words “legacy project” again. Some days, I feel that way also!

We simply cannot give up. We can’t.  We have to cross the finish line. We have to dig deep and make it.

One leader, thirty-two orphans and one hundred twenty vulnerable children are counting on us. That is not meant to manipulate, but rather to remember why we are doing this project.

It’s for them. For the future of Haiti. Those orphans, that community.

They need us.

How do we do this? How do we make the final push?

Steps to Making the Final Push

1) Give – I’m asking you to dig just a little deeper. For so many of you, I know you’ve dug deep already. I AM SO GRATEFUL. But, maybe we can all buy just one more brick? Two more?  Five more?  You can also buy a brick for someone else this holiday and send them this card.

2) Giving Accounts – If you’ve shopped on Pure Charity, look at your giving accounts and see if you have available funds. Donate those funds to Legacy Project. This is why we have partnered with Pure Charity – an amazing opportunity to give through our shopping. We have 2000 people in our advocacy network; what if half of us gave $5-10?  That adds up big time!

3) End-of-the-year – Maybe you or someone you know needs to give a one-time gift before the year is over. Would you consider giving to the Legacy Project? If you have questions, email us and we will answer as quickly as possible. (You can also send a check.)

4) Share –  On Facebook, on Twitter or via your blog. Maybe send an email to key family and friends and ask them to get involved and donate a brick.

5) Pray.

In January, we will do a ground-breaking ceremony in Haiti, and you will be able to follow the entire journey as we start to build. You will see how the funds are used, you will see pictures of the construction, and you will see video updates from our team and our leaders.

And yes, you will see kids going to school on the first day! We are not just asking you to give to a school; we are also asking you to join with us to see a community transformed.

The finish line is near. I can see the yellow ribbon, I know that I’m not running alone. We are running together and we will make it.

One step (brick) at a time!