Launch Hope Church Toolkit

“Launch Hope” is the name of our Family Empowerment Initiative, which encapsulates our Family Business Program. When families enter the Family Business Program, they walk through a 7 step process toward launching their own business. 

  • We have enrolled over 1,000 families in our Family Business Program to date.
  • These families have an average increased income of approximately 642%.
  • Many of these families now have 2-3 years of self-sufficiency under their belt! 

  • As families grow their businesses, create even more jobs, and pour into the local economy – they and their entire community thrive. 
  • Family Empowerment is more than just a process or program; it is family preservation and orphan prevention.

$1,000 empowers a family for life. That breaks down to: 

  • $100 for a family to be accepted into the program
  • $150 for business training
  • $250 for ongoing mentorship and spiritual development 
  • $500 in-kind resources for business launch