Launch Hope FAQ's

1. What is the 7 step process, and what does it mean? 

Here is what the process of the Family Business Program looks like: 

Step 1: A family applies for the program with the local Family Business team. If eligible, the family is selected for the program!

Step 2: The team assesses the family’s strengths and experience and helps them begin building their business plan.

Step 3: The family explores viable empowerment ventures and business opportunities.

Step 4: The family attends and completes business training classes and capacity building. 

Step 5: The family receives in-kind support in the form of supplies and resources for their business.

Step 6: Hope is Launched! The family launches their business! 

Step 7: Each family who completes the program receives continual mentoring and holistic support, along with reinvestment opportunities in the years to come.

The 7-step process is a breakdown of the steps a family takes to become empowered. Essentially, they are selected and work to discover what type of business would best suit their gifts and passions—then provided one month of training in entrepreneurial skills, including bookkeeping, saving, customer care, and more. The family then receives in-kind support in the form of supplies and resources for their business. Once starting their business, the family receives continual mentoring and holistic support for years to come. 


2. I am familiar with Help One Now and have donated to the ‘Family Empowerment Program’ before. Is this different from that? 

‘Launch Hope’ is the name of our Family Business Initiative, which encapsulates Family Empowerment through entrepreneurship. It is an identical 7-step process, just with a new name that we feel encompasses the program’s spirit. 


3. Where does the name ‘Launch Hope’ come from? 

Each family who enters the Family Business has a spark inside of them and hopes for a brighter future. When they acquire the resources and the support they need to start their business, they launch forward into that hope for a better tomorrow. 


4. What does my $1,000 provide? 

Your generosity provides the resources for one family to Launch Hope! Essentially, you provide funds for that family to be selected, funding for their business training, supplies that they need to start their business, and long-term mentorship and holistic support. 

$1,000 empowers a family for life. That breaks down to: 

  • $100 for intake and assessment process for the program 
  • $150 for business training
  • $250 for ongoing mentorship and holistic support
  • $500 to provide in-kind resources for business launch


5. What is an in-kind donation? Is this the same as a micro-loan? 

Business Launch is different from micro-loans in several capacities. For one, it is not a loan at all, but rather an in-kind donation of materials and resources for business launch. Program members are never given cash but instead are given things like supplies, machinery, inventory, or a rented facility in order to launch their business. They are not required to pay back these in-kind donations, which the program has found to better equip families to build wealth and reach self-sustainability sooner than if they were given a loan. This allows for families to start from a place of health and dignity as they grow their businesses and build a better future for themselves. 


6. Is there a spiritual component to the Launch Hope initiative? 

Each family who completes the program receives continual mentoring and holistic support, which includes spiritual development support. 


7. Am I supporting a specific family? 

Your $1,000 unlocks the opportunity for 1 family to go through the Family Business Program and launch their very own business! While you do not get to specifically choose what family you empower, a family that is on the waiting list to join the program will be enrolled because of your donation. When a family is empowered, they have a clear path to self-sustainability. They can provide for their family, plan for the future, and pour back into the community, restoring hope and dignity for themselves and those around them.


8. Will I receive impact updates from a specific family? 

You are making a difference all around the globe. So, you will receive impact stories from the many different families and communities you are serving!