2016 has been an AMAZING year for Help One Now, but WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP TO FINISH STRONG!

We took risks and dreamed big.

We set audacious goals.

We invested heavily in opportunities that will lead to remarkable impact in 2017 and beyond, and we are poised for our best year ever!


As is often the case in this sort of work, 2016 has been a mix of both big wins and major challenges. For example:

1. Our #LoveHopeEthiopia campaign raised enough to empower 300 families over the next 4-5 years. This is the biggest one-time donation campaign we have ever had! But, with this year’s acquisition of Kidmia, we have even more work to do in Ethiopia beginning in January. We are dedicated to working to end the orphan crisis in this beautiful country, from supporting Ethiopian families adopting Ethiopian orphans and trafficking research and prevention to family empowerment, reunification, community development, and long-term orphan care. But we need you to help us #ENDstrongSTARTstrong.

2. The Live Original squad joined us in Uganda this summer, and then we joined them this fall! On the Live Original Tour, we gained many new monthly donors and incredible momentum for the future, but we still have much to do to resource our leaders and serve our communities in the short term. In Uganda, we have the opportunity to help more children attend school and experience the life-changing opportunity of education by building girls’ and boys’ dormitories. We need you to help us #ENDstrongSTARTstrong.

3. We launched a new anti-trafficking initiative in Iquitos, Peru, called Kairos Village – a place of RESCUE and REFUGE for the most vulnerable. The need inspired the vision, and now the need drives us to complete and open this village. Phase 1 is already under construction! We need you to help us #ENDstrongSTARTstrong.

4. Your quick generosity allowed us to swiftly respond in Haiti to the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Now, the long road to recovery begins. We are entering Phase 2 of our Hurricane Relief effort, and we are starting by sending 500 students in the Pestel/Deyemon region of Haiti back to school. We need you to help us #ENDstrongSTARTstrong.



We have two options for your End Of Year giving: 


Your general donation will allow us to address our most pertinent organizational needs as well as meet some of our most important and immediate needs on the ground. Here are some examples of what your generosity might do:

$500 could provide us the opportunity to increase our technology and expand our overall donor base.

$1,000 could give a young girl in Uganda a place to live and access to quality education, healthcare and leadership development.

$3,000 could help reunify 3 Ethiopian children with extended family.

$5,000 could rescue a vulnerable child in Peru out of an abusive situation and into a place of refuge and restoration.

To give to our General Fund, please click here.

Haiti Hurricane Relief

Our goal is to resource 500 children in the Pestel/Deyemon region. $100 will provide one child with the supplies that they need to get back to school — books, papers, notebooks, pencils, a backpack, a uniform, and shoes. Just $100 will give one child some hope and purpose amidst chaos, fear and uncertainty. We are already working to meet immediate needs in Pestel, but we need YOU to help us get 500 kids back to school, $100 at a time!

Your End of Year gift of $5, $25, $100 or more will foster dignity and hope in children affected by Hurricane Matthew. Click here to give directly in support of Haiti.