A few months ago, we launched the #TenDollarTribe–a new way to serve the communities of Reagoboka and Maubane. The response was amazing; once again, we were blown away by our incredible Help One Now tribe. We knew we had to do it again, so here’s Lamar Stockton, our International Operations Director, to tell us more:

2 years ago we learned about this family in Iquitos, Peru and the incredible work they had been up to. The Malpartidas and Kairos Ministries have been tirelessly serving impoverished families in the township of Belén through education and community outreach for over 20 years. Last year I flew to Iquitos, because you can’t get there by land, saw the work first hand and met the leaders. Thoroughly impressed, we launched our partnership. We started slow. Listening. Learning. Building trust. Help One Now is dedicated to helping Mercedes Malpartida and Kairos Ministries expand and deepen their impact. Today, I’m getting on a plane to return to Iquitos…to see the progress and press into what is next. I want you to be a part of this story of opportunity and transformation in Peru. I want you to join the #TenDollarTribe.

The #TenDollarTribe – South Africa has been operating for only three months, and it has already had an impact on those communities. Meals and educational materials have been provided, and it has also built a home for Obed, the caretaker for the Maubane Rivoningo Transformation Centre. The #TenDollarTribe will make a similar impact on Kairos Ministries, our amazing partners in Peru. Join today and see just how far a simple, $10 gift can go every month.