Tropical Storm Tomas is currently heading towards Haiti this weekend. It’s forecasted to be a Category One Hurricane or a Tropical Storm, projected to hit Haiti Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This could be devastating for our friends in Haiti. They have already lost so much. Our hearts are heavy for this nation and our friends that have endured so many trials this past year.

Currently, over 1 million people live in tent cities. Most of these tent cities are in open fields. There is simply no-where for these people to go.

The prediction on the ground is bleak. We have no clue how much damage will be done. Even heavy, sustained rain would be devastating. Please pray!

I hesitated to do any sort of fundraising…We don’t want to be manipulative or play on emotions. However, we’ve had many people ask how they can help.

H.E.L.P. is supposed to fly into Haiti with a team of 17 people, which include doctors and nurses, this Saturday. We may be delayed depending on flight availability, but once we arrive we will be able to help. Therefore, we need donations for medical supplies, food, and temporary housing. (tents, tarps, tape, etc). 100% of all donations will be used within seven days to care for those in need.

As always, thanks for serving and sacrificing. Let us rest in Galatians 6:9.

Weather related info, great article on the issues in Haiti and some amazing, yet heart breaking pictures.