In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew ravaged the Caribbean. The southwest peninsula of Haiti took the brunt of the storm as the eye slowly passed the already impoverished area. Over a thousand people lost their lives, and tens of thousands more their homes. The region’s greatest asset was that of agriculture, but Matthew destroyed almost every crop from the coastal town of Jeramie to Les Cayes, just a few hours from the nation’s capitol. The devastation will threaten food security for decades to come, and many say the over-all impact will be worse than that of the great earthquake in 2010.

But many of you stepped right in to join our local leaders in answering the call to help. We were able to come alongside Pastors Jean Alix Paul and Gaétan Alcégaire to bring relief, recovery, and development to the most effected communities. Through their work and your generosity, we have been able to aid in:
1.  New roofs and other building materials to repair OVER 170 HOMES and 3 CHURCHES, which have served as centers of care and relief for their communities.
2. School supplies for 100 STUDENTS in the remote mountain community of Pestel, with enough funds to continue to HELP ANOTHER 250 STUDENTS.
3. The relocation of 12 CHILDREN living in Pestel, whose home was destroyed by the storm. They are now RECEIVING 24/7 CARE at Yahve Shamma children’s home, will have brand new beds, and are also enrolled in school and equipped with school supplies and new uniforms.
4. Water filtration systems for 2,500-3,000 PEOPLE, enough to have up to 6,000 LITERS of clean water each day.
The need does not stop there. Our local leaders will continue to work alongside these communities in the years to come, as we move out of the relief and recovery phase and into long-term development. It will take all of us, standing arm in arm with our leaders, to reverse the effects of Matthew and see their communities thrive once again.
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