In just a few days, we will take our first trip to Haiti. Below are some practical ways that you can pray for us, as we go serve our friends who have lost so much.

1. Wisdom: We need wisdom, on what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with.
2. Humility: We are not trying to “save” Haiti. We will leave that to the Haitians and God. Instead, we want to serve the people of Haiti. We enter the country with a sense of humility. (I get that “save” is a dangerous word)
3. Partnership: We’re looking for NGO’s and local Haitians to partner with longterm. We have a lot of options on the NGO side, we just need to connect with that ONE Haitian leader, that we can partner with longterm.
4. Sensitivity: As we try to tell story through film and photography, we need to be sensitive to the local culture in the process. Yet, also pray that we will be able to fully capture the tragedy, and be able to use story to bring peace and help.
5. Vision: We want to do something practically to help. We want to improve the lives of those who suffer. Pray that God will give us a vision that will be clear, concise and effective.
6. Execution: Going is great, it’s needed. My hope is simple, when we return, we can execute a plan, and really make an impact in Haiti.

Thanks for praying for us and the people of Haiti.