What is a Garage Sale for Orphans?

Watch the news and you will see extreme poverty and broken communities worldwide. We see it so often that we can sometimes grow dull to it.  Other times, we can be overwhelmed wondering how we might be able to help.  Garage Sale for Orphans is an initiative of Help One Now that makes helping simple.

Every year Americans spend 22 billion (yes, that is a “B”) dollars storing their excess stuff in over 59,000 storage facilities across the US.  Add to that total all our homes with closets, attics & garages full of our excess. We make it easy to help break the cycle of extreme poverty while also helping you to simplify your life by turning your extra stuff into life for another.  You can take back your closets, garages & attics and help others at the same time.

We call it ‘Sell. Give. Help.’ Sell your excess stuff by hosting a Garage Sale for Orphans in your community. Give the proceeds of your sale to support a project that you choose & that will make a difference. Help our local in-country partners transform communities & break the cycle of extreme poverty.

By hosting a Garage Sale for Orphans, your excess stuff could help:

  • Build a home for a family
  • Train school teachers
  • Provide a solar lighting system
  • Build a playground for kids at risk of trafficking
  • Provide clean bathroom facilities
  • Build an anti-trafficking home

All of that is possible just by joining others in turning our excess stuff into life for others!

How do you throw a Garage Sale for Orphans?

First, share the vision with your community (family, friends, church, small group, organization), and pick a project that you want to support. It is a good idea at this meeting to have people start gathering their stuff. You can ask college students to help other families go through the attic, garage and storage facility. They may not have much stuff, but they bring great energy!

Second, schedule and host your garage sale! Let us know when you plan to hold your garage sale, and then check out our Garage Sale Resources page which will give you tips and resources for hosting a great sale! While you are there, make sure to download the 4-Week Breakdown Schedule that walks you through week-by-week what to do to have a great garage sale.

Third, after your awesome garage sale, donate the proceeds to support the country and project your community has chosen!

Here are some great ideas other garage sale hosts have done in the past:

  • Set up a bounce house & sell hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.
  • Have live music, games for kids, raffles, or a car wash
  • Contact local restaurants and vendors to get involved as well. You will be surprised how many companies are willing to donate items or food.
  • BE CREATIVE. Make it an event in your community, not just a garage sale!
  • As the event gets closer, spread the word on Craigslist (you can even sell things on Craigslist as well), Facebook, Twitter, the newspaper . . . any way that you can get the word out. Contact your local paper and do a press release if you like!

Ready to get started?

Go to GarageSaleForOrphans.org and check out our current projects. Then let us know that you want to turn your excess stuff into life for another by hosting a Garage Sale for Orphans. Please email us if you have any questions along the way.