Every once in awhile you have to take a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate. Last Wednesday, I boarded a small plane with Adam Maass and his three daughters, Lamar Stockton and my 13 year-old daughter Bailey.

We left Port-au-Prince and headed for Cap-Haitien to join with Pastor Jean Alix and drive the one hour to Ferrier.

Two years of hard work, many conversations, lots of obstacles and finally I was about to see the massive payoff — lives restored, kids cared for, justice served and hope renewed. In just a few moments, I would meet 21 kids who were double orphans or slaves just a few months ago.



My First Time to See the Kids

We drove into the village and the first thing I saw was in fact not the children, but a huge garden. What was once ugly dirt was now covered in luscious green corn, avocados and more. A fresh garden for these kids to enjoy and to be nourished by was in full bloom.

Off in the distance, I could see the kids playing at the community center — laughing, running, smiling, hugging and eating. I had to hold back the tears. As I walked into the community center, I could not help but think of ALL the people who supported Phase One of this project. Churches, business and individuals all participated in making this dream a reality.

It is amazing what can happen when a tribe of generous people rally together to do good.

As I begin to meet the kids, I could see the house moms. They were smiling, happy, content, loving on the children. I saw Pastor Jean Alix start hugging the kids.  He looked at me and begin to tell me their stories.

Rescue and Restoration

Many came to the village with no name, no history and no story. These children were desperate and on the edge of death.  So, we had to start naming some of the kids, unthinkable though it is that 3,4,and 5 year olds don’t have a name. But, they now have a new story of hope and love. For the first time, they are clean, well fed and loved each day.

They have a home, clean water and local church who is committing to raising them up. These 21 kids now have a shot a life; they have opportunity to become leaders and agents of change in Haiti.

All of this started with a conversation a few years ago with Matthew, Pastor Gaetan, Pastor Jean Alix and a few others.

How Can You Help?

1) Pray for the kids, house moms and Haiti.

2) Sponsor – we need to get each kid fully sponsored. This is how we rescue kids, sustain their day to day needs, and raise them up to care for themselves and others in the future.

3) Throw a Garage Sale Party.

4) Give a general donation to Ferrier.