Last week I hit on the topic of consumerism. It’s easy to always focus on an issue without creating pathways for change. We’re all consumers, that is not bad. We need to consume to keep the economy flowing which hopefully can help resource people. If we’re not greedy and we choose to consume with wisdom, we can make a significant difference and help end extreme poverty.

The problem is when consuming becomes an obsession. When we spend more then we make or we use all of our resources on our wants, our desires and our passions…Another-words we don’t give generously and consider “others before ourselves.”Here are some convictions that have become important to me.

I EVENTUALLY want to give away 20-25% of my resources and I want to only buy with cash. No credit outside of mortgage and college loans. This helps me create healthy boundaries as I consider how to utilize my resources and make sure I avoid falling into sin by consuming and being selfish. 

So as we think about the holidays and gift-giving. Maybe one of the ways we can fight consumerism is to give gifts with meaning, gifts that fights poverty and blesses hard working people in under-developed countries. Below I’m going to list multiple organizations that are fighting poverty and selling quality merchandise in order to make a difference.

Need new shoes…Buy from Tom. When you buy a pair of shoes Tom donates a pair to kids in under–developed nations like S. Africa.

Invisible Children is partnering with business owners in Uganda who are making great bracelets so they can ignite the local economy. You also get a DVD.

My friends at Servlife have multiple items you can buy from business owners in Asia.

You can support the Feed Project by purchasing a bag to help the hungry.

Support those who are fighting human trafficking by purchasing a t-shirt or CD. The CD includes great artists like Cold War Kids, Matisyahu, Rocco Deluca, and Switchfoot among others.

Jedidiah also has some great clothing options from their Hope Collection. So far they’ve raised over $200,000 for those in-need. I have three of these t-shirts.

For those who love to read you can buy a book for them and support an orphan in the process.If you know of any others organizations who are doing likewise please feel free to leave a comment with their info.