A lot of people and churches tend to make a lot of excuses when it comes to loving and serving the poor. Usually it’s the time or money excuse. Here’s the deal…You can help rescue homeless orphans in Zimbabwe without spending any money out of your current monthly budget. This is why we created The Campaign to End Poverty. Two simple scenarios:

1. Find stuff you don’t need, use or maybe your willing to sacrifice. Sell those items on ebay or Craigslist and donate the proceeds to HELP. 100% of all funds will go towards building an orphanage in Zimbabwe.

2. Get a group of people together from your church, neighborhood, co-workers, family or friends, and throw a garage sell party. A church in Pennsylvania just raised $3500. They did a two-day garage sell. $25,000 is our target goal for one new orphanage, that church raised over 10% of our target goal in two days!

Yes, we can save homeless orphans by selling our stuff and donating it. Simple, easy and effective!
If you are willing to do this, or want more info, leave a comment or email us: info (@) helpendlocalpoverty.(org)