I wanted to introduce you to my Haitian friend, Pastor Gaetan, who lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Before the earthquake, Pastor Gaetan took in 14 orphans. Most of these kids were abandoned by parents who simply could not afford to provide for their child.

Since the earthquake, Pastor Gaetan has rescued another 16 orphans. Many of these kids lost their parents in the earthquake.

On top of that, Pastor Gaetan’s personal home was damaged and he also lost his brother in the earthquake. You can see his brother in the picture below. (left side)

Haiti-149This is truly an amazing man of courage and faith. HELP and Soma Austin have decided to partner with Pastor Gaetan. But, we need more partners.

Here’s why:

1. We need to build a new orphanage. Currently, Pastor Gaetan, his family and the 30 orphans sleep in tents. You can go to www.helpendlocalpoverty.com/helphaiti and you will see our vision to build an orphanage. You can click donate, and 100% of the donation (minus transaction fee’s) will go towards building the orphanage.

2. We need to get all of these kids sponsored. To sponsor a child, you can go to Help One Now. Any child from Haiti, is from Pastor Gaetan’s community. Child sponsorships are vital to the rebuilding process; we can ensure they have food, medicine and clothing each month.

We plan on partnering with Pastor Gaetan long-term, we’re so excited to see the progress of this community, as we help renew Haiti.

Be sure to watch the video below, click through to enlarge: