I really enjoyed speaking yesterday at Eastpoint Church in Newark Delaware. Eastpoint is a gracious community that already does great global work. It’s always a privilege to be a guest speaker, it takes a lot of trust for a pastor to allow an outsider to come share.

Some thoughts:

  • Great feedback from the congregation!
  • 7-10 kids were sponsored.
  • Multiple shirts sold for Haiti.
  • Some cool one-time donations.

Our goal for HELP One Sundays are quite simple, we want to share about God’s heart for the orphan, and how God calls His church to respond to the crisis. Of course we also offer simple ways to serve the kids in need through sponsorships. We DO NOT ask churches to pay, our desire is to be a gift to the local church as we advocate for the orphan.

We’re also learning how to do this more effectively. We are grateful for churches that that take risk on a young organization like HELP. Thankfully, we’re getting a lot of support, and encouragement.
This Sunday, we will be doing another HELP One Sunday at Chinese Christian Church in downtown Philly. Can’t wait for that!