Lindiwe was born in Zimbabwe, She is precious, sweet, and needs support. Would you prayerfully consider becoming Lindiwe’s sponsor?

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Name: Lindiwe Location: Musha Wevana Children’s Home, Zimbabwe Gender: F Age: 5 About:

  • Lindiwe was brought to Musha Wevana because her parents abandoned her. Social workers could find no relatives willing to take her. She is not yet in school, but she loves looking at books, drawing, and playing house. She is a friendly outgoing child who enjoys helping others. She goes to church every Sunday with the mothers and the rest of the children in the home.


  • Prayer Requests: Pray for her continued health and well-being. Pray for her relationship with Christ, that through the work of the church, she will come to know Him. Pray for access to plenty of food and clean water, as there is a shortage in the country.