The Help One Now team is excited to announce that Oasisiah, a 501(c)3 organization based in Guin, Alabama, has formally become a part of Help One Now, and is falling under the leadership, direction and management of Help One Now Board of Directors and Executive Team.

Why is this happening and what does it mean for Help One Now?


In the past six months, I have developed a close friendship with the founder of Oasisiah, Payton Junkin. We both share a common desire to serve the people of Haiti and care for orphans.  After a few intense months and some key conversations about non-profits working together in collaboration, Payton sent me an email with a simple question: “What would it look like for Oasisiah to join Help One Now?”

This email ignited an intense 9 days of prayer, conversation, and graceful negotiations. The boards of both Oasisiah and Help One Now agreed to move forward on June 4th, 2014.

One of the biggest reasons was the heart of Payton Junkin, the founder of Oasisiah.  Payton was very clear that he wanted to be on a team of people who were working together to seek justice and care for the “least of these.” His Board of Directors agreed with his assessment. This is truly a brave decision and one that will have a great impact.

We are thrilled, humbled, and excited. Plus, we now have the resources to make a huge impact.

What Does This Mean?

20140322_1835551) Talent: Payton Junkin and his wife Heather are tremendous, humble, and thoughtful leaders. They laid down their own dreams and decided to join with one much larger. Payton will be our Development Director, which means he will be sharing our story and growing our impact.

We will also be meeting and working with Jasper Cineus. Payton has worked with Jasper for over a year. In the upcoming months, we will share his story and how they connected. But, most importantly, Help One Now is excited to partner with another amazing local leader in Haiti.

2) Land: Oasisiah was gifted four acres of land right in the heart of Petionville, Haiti. This is truly tremendous opportunity and almost impossible to comprehend. Oasisiah was caring for 16 orphaned boys in what they called “Oasis Village.” Payton and Heather, Jason and Joy, along with the Oasisiah team and tribe have been serving these kids for the last two years and will continue to do so.

3) Payton wanted to use his resources with the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Help One Now’s existing infrastructure in Haiti and overall leadership will enable him and the Oasisiah team to accomplish this.

Next Steps

The last six months have been a blur (but, aren’t they always?). The Help One Now team has been working day and night to build an organization that creates something beautiful–a tribe that stands up for those who are suffering by empowering local leaders, caring for children, and seeing communities transformed. We are now positioned to do that better than ever before.

Payton and Heather will relocate to Raleigh, NC, to work with our Raleigh team.

While Oasisiah, as an organization and name, has become part of Help One Now, we do know that their legacy will always live on at Oasis Village. Not only will we continue to care for these 16 boys, but as a part of the Help One Now tribe we have the opportunity to help care for orphans and vulnerable children across the globe.

That said, on behalf of the entire Help One Now team, board and tribe, we say to the Oasisiah team, welcome to the family!

We are excited about the future and what God has in store for us. May we lead well, have courage, be brave, stay humble, and love exceptionally.

Struggle for Progress — Together we Build