30 Haitian Orphans need our help this week!

In July we introduced you to Pastor Gaetan, who cares for 30 orphans. This community has suffered much. Many of these kids parents have died in the earthquake, yet they continue to love, fight and endure.

By Christmas we hope to have a children’s home built for these 30 kids. But for now, they continue to sleep in tents and lack the most basic needs such as food and clothing.

We have over twenty kids sponsored from this community, but we still need 12 more sponsors who will commit to caring for these kids long-term!

This Tuesday we will return to Haiti. A few weeks ago I asked Pastor Gaetan what his community needed, and he replied with three big needs:

1. Food.
2. School Uniforms.
3. School supplies.

The most basic things in life is all they want.

I want to bless them. I want us, as a community to live out James 1:27.

So here’s what I want to do. We need to raise a minimum of $2000 which will provide some much needed food for these kids and will also provide each child with a school uniform, which costs $25 each. We will also be able to purchase school supplies. Each day these kids go to school under a tree…in 2011 we hope to build a school for them, but for now we can at least get them basic some school supplies. Education is their one tangible hope for a better future. We must help them continue to learn.

Can you give a one-time donation to help us cover these costs? All you have to do is click the PayPal button below, enter the amount and click submit. You will also get an automatic tax receipt via email.

Help us to help these kids this week! The HELP staff will wire the donations to Haiti while we’re in the country THIS week. 100% of your donation will go directly to these kids.

Let’s do this friends…Next week we will bring back a video displaying where your funds went and showing the immediate impact your generosity has made on these kids in Haiti.

$25 = one school uniform for one child.
$50 = one school uniform and school supplies for one child.
$75 = one school uniform, school supplies and food for a week for one child.
$100 = food for a month for one child.
$150 = one school uniform, school supplies and one month of food for one child.