I’ve created a Facebook page for Held End Local Poverty. You can click here to join. I need two more to reach 100 fans. Help me out. We are working on a new campaign as we speak. But for now this will have to do.We’ve also created a few wallpaper designs. For that go here.You can sponsor a kid in Zimbabwe through Servlife. Go do it now.I’m currently in conversations with some high-powered organizations about future partnerships. We truly can make a significant impact in our world if we choose to do so.House Shows: I’m looking for some key people who would be willing to take the message of HELP to their local cities. Basically this person(s) need to be willing to show a video and share a story to a group of people. I’m working on some material as we speak. I would like to book at least 100 house shows across the globe in 7 days starting this January/Feb. It’s gonna happen.We are also working on a huge fundraiser for next April. Sell your junk and fight global poverty. More info to come.