I (Chris) arrived in Haiti for the second time in Sept 2010. One of our translators was a young man named Jay Louis. Jay is a 24-year-old Haitian, who lost his mother a few years ago to sickness.

Jay was in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit last January. After the quake hit, Jay began to search for his girlfriend. Eventually he located her at her school. She was buried in rubble from the quake; she was injured, and trapped. When Jay realized he could not pull her out of the rubble, he asked her what he could do. Her response was simply, “I don’t want to die hungry.”

So Jay began to frantically search for food. Eventually, he found something for her to eat, and he fed her until she passed away.

After spending a few days with Jay, I saw his passion for Jesus, his work ethic and his leadership capabilities. So this January, we (H.E.L.P.) hired Jay to come on staff and help run out Haiti operations. We’re so excited!

Since the earthquake, Jay has lived in a tent with his father. Jay’s 25th birthday is January 15, just a few days away. So for his birthday, we want to build him a home. It will take $6000 to build the home, and our goal is to raise this money by March 1.

Let’s move Jay and his dad out of a tent and into a home! I (Chris) will give up my birthday this March for Jay Louis. You can make a donation through the project page, host a Garage Sale Party, or give up your birthday for Jay’s new home.

Together, we can help our friend!