I’m writing this blog on a flight from DFW to Miami. In just a matter of hours, we will land in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for a five day journey of learning, discovery and a time to build new friendships! My heart is already heavy, knowing that we’re going to connect with new friends, who just a few months ago were pulling bodies from rubble. These women and men have been through so much, they’ve lost so much, they need to much.

I often wonder what we can do to help. My hope this week is simple, our very presence will offer some sort of hope and light. Maybe we can give a hug, or simple smile, or say something that will make a difference.

I do know this, our greatest gift we can give is our presence, and that’s what we hope to do this week!

Of course presence can only go so far. These people also need food, medicine, water, and shelter. They need short-term needs met, so we can focus on long-term solutions.

On this trip, we hope to tell great stories, stories that will cause action, stories that will help fuel a better way to live. But, we don’t just want these stories to be random or impersonal, we hope, by time the week ends, we will tell stories of our friends who need others to walk with them, in such a time of need.

And yet, for whatever reason, the real reality is this: when I board a plan to return home, I have a feeling these local Haitians are going to bless me, far more than I will bless them. Read James 2, and you’ll know why!