After traveling four times to Haiti since May. Haiti is no longer a country that went through a natural disaster; Haiti seems to be my friend, a place I go and find hope and courage. When I leave Haiti, I feel a sense of loss. I miss my friends, I miss the kids, I miss our partners.

Our desire in Haiti is to help end local poverty, by rescuing orphans, restoring their hope and renewing their communities.

This past summer, we set a goal to raise $100,000. So far, we’ve raised close to $70,000.

Rescue: We’ve been able to build a home for 30 orphans.
Restore: We were able to sponsor over 60 orphans, which will ensure that their daily needs are met (food, water, clothing and school).
Renew: We’ve been able to renew communities by building single-family homes, digging water wells or installing clean-water filtration systems so communities can have access to clean water, creating jobs by hiring Haitians to do the work, and we’ve taken medical teams to care for the sick.

In 2011 HELP will continue to serve our friends on the ground. We will sponsor kids, we will bring clean water and build new homes, and we will continue to help plant churches and raise up leaders. We will continue to create jobs on the ground for Haitian leaders.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate to We Have Not Forgotten. Choose water or homes. Both are needed badly.

2. Sponsor a child: We have over 300 kids that need sponsors asap. Many of these kids are struggling to eat one meal a day.

3. In 2011, throw a garage sale party for Haiti.

4. Take a trip. Go serve and love the Haitian people. Trust me, they will serve and love you back!

5. “Like” our Facebook page, and donate your birthday through our Causes page.