Today marks the two year anniversary of a quake that shook an island so violently that one wonders, how in the world could Haiti recover.

Is it even possible?

Remember… we’re talking about Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The poster-child country for all the stat gurus: hunger, joblessness, orphans, restaveks, cholera, the list could go on and on!

But, that is not the entire story… there’s SO much more to Haiti. For instance, the art is amazing, the food is delicious… and have you seen the mountains of Kenscoff or the beaches, the tropical beaches with white sand and water you can see-through?

There’s a reason it’s called “The Pearl of the Antilles.”

Haiti is in fact recovering, and here’s why. Haiti has a resource like none other, you see Haiti is rich with people. People who love their country and are committed to helping it become a better place, not that its even all bad!

See how confusing it gets.

Of course, they still need help. And yes, there is much poverty, disease, conflict, hunger, lack of clean water and joblessness, which creates so much pain. But, that is not the entire story.

Sometimes it seems as if that’s the ONLY story the media wants to talk about. It seems as if that’s the only story that NGO’s want to show.

But, it is not the whole story!

You actually have to go to Haiti and hold the hand of a young child, eat dinner with a Haitian family, spend time watching a Haitian teacher teach with passion (sometimes for free, or for little money) but she teaches because she cares. She can see hope and a future in education, because her students are brilliant.

Spend a day with our friends, Junior, Gaetan, Jean Alix and St Cyr, and you will see hope, joy and strength. They are leaders who are leading and helping Haiti to recover. They’ve been through so much since the earthquake, but they make no excuses.

Hangout with our “translators.” They’re no longer just translators, they are friends, they have stories that are movie worthy, they have lived a life of struggle, yet they refuse to use excuses. They bring light to their countries and communities.

Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten you. Who could forget you? You are amazing! We will stand with you, fight for you, pray that life gets better and easier. Among other things, we will continue to build homes, sponsor kids and bring clean water to your country.

But more importantly, we will continue to be friends. Because we all know that your strength, resolve, courage, faith, joy and happiness… have blessed the world and made it a better place!

Thank You!

PS: If you would like to bless Haiti: We would recommend that you give to our Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten campaign, or sponsor a child in Haiti. Help us move families out of tents, bring clean water to communities and care for a child and ensure they are able to attend school. Thank You!