Note: A youth team from Austin New Church just returned from a Help One Now trip to Haiti. This post is from Rachel West, one of the members of that team.

There are no words that can fully describe my experience in Haiti. The term life changing cannot even begin to describe what Haiti has done to me. The whole trip made a significant impact on my heart. Each day always instilled something that God wanted me to witness. The two most memorable days was the day we visited Tent City and when we went to Pastor Gaetan’s orphanage and school for the second time.

Tent City was intense. I was very hesitant when we first arrived, but when AJ, Dario, Alex, and I went walking around to fully see the living conditions that these people are living in, it was very humbling. Here in the Unites States, we don’t see extreme poverty like that. And we never will.

Once it was time for church, God opened my eyes again. I have never seen so much faith nor felt so much faith in one area. These people have close to nothing, but the one thing they will constantly have is faith in the Lord. That was so cool to see. The church members were singing a gospel song in Creole and then they sang the word “Hosanna”, and we ALL sang. Both the Haitians and our group sang together.

I felt God there.

I have never felt God move so strongly during a church service. It was like He broke down the language barrier and made us all one. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what the color of your skin is, we all have endless faith in Christ.

The second day at Pastor Gaetans was the day that God broke me.

We arrived there and all the kids there swarmed us. It was amazing. But, the one kid that came up to me and clung to me was Pastor Gaetan’s son, Christian. He ran up to me and didn’t want to let me go. We played soccer all day and just bonded. I fell in love with him. When it came time to leave, my heart grew very heavy and tears were welling up in my eyes.

I didn’t want to leave.

I gave Christian one last hug and told him that I love him and I will always be praying for him. He responded, “me too.” I miss him more and more everyday.

The one thing Christian taught me is to appreciate the little moments in life. Whether it’s watching “Toy Story” over and over again with Caleb or playing soccer for hours on end, it’s the little moments that make an impression on your heart. Christian taught me that. Now, I cherish every moment I’m with Caleb or any other kids I baby-sit. I can’t get enough of it. Christian and Caleb have my heart.

I went to Haiti to help the people there and bless them and it turns out that they were the ones who helped me and blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. Haiti completely ruined me and I cannot wait to go back and become ruined again.

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