Note: A team from Soma Austin Community Church just returned from a Help One Now trip to Haiti. This post is from Andrea Carroll, one of the members of that team.

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After getting to meet many of the local leaders and see the projects we had been a part of through Help One Now, the week was starting to come to an end and the big day had come.

The group was going back to Yahve Shamma to spend time with the children on a Saturday. We jumped right in with the kids, playing soccer, doing crafts and talking with everyone. I spotted Anson and cheered him on as he played a great game of soccer with the other children and our pastor, Jacob. He was a great goalie!

Later, we told him we had some things to share with him and went to talk with him.

My friend and translator Dario, helped me speak with Anson. I thanked him for his letters and told him that we are his friends and we pray for him. I also brought some photos with me to share with Anson. There was one of Chris and me, a photo of our pet, a photo of me playing music with our worship team at church, one of our small group from church and another of some of the children from our church waving hello to Anson.

Beforehand, I had sat down with Dario and he translated the descriptions on the back of the photos into Kreyòl for Anson. As we were sitting together and going through them, Anson was pretty quiet and seemed to just take it all in. We talked a little more and then headed back outside to play with everyone else.

Anson, told me thank you, gave me a big hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek before going off to play.

He immediately started sharing the photos with his friends. He was excited to explain them and tell everyone all about them. We continued to play soccer, do crafts and have fun. Then, my day at Yahve Shamma and visiting Anson had to come to an end.

After meeting Anson I was actually glad to leave him in Haiti for the future of Haiti. He is a healthy, happy, boy getting his education with great and Godly leaders around him. There’s no telling what God may do through Anson!

By meeting Anson, it turned our relationship into more than a hopeful transaction every month with a prayer said for him every once in awhile. I have seen his smile and heard his laugh. I have held his hands and hugged him. I’ve seen him in learning school and playing with his friends.

This makes Anson even more real for Chris & me.

We are even more excited to get letters from him and can’t wait to see him again! Most, importantly, we pray for him even more now. We pray for Pastor Gaetan, his family and the children that live with Anson. We pray he will grow up with a heart for God, and a heart for Haiti. We pray that he will grow up to do wonderful things, that his children will not need to be sponsored, and through God, he will be able to take part in changing the trajectory of the lives around him.

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