Last night, via social media, an unfortunate news story was emerging out of Haiti. It seems a freak wind storm rolled through Port-au-Prince causing much damage once again to this already broken nation. I immediately sent a text to Pastor Gaetan, who cares for our 30 orphans. I was making sure he and the kids were okay… However, we soon learned they were not. Here’s the text he sent back to me:

“Yes brother, thanks to God we don’t lose one child, but all the tents are gone.”

Now these kids, who have lost so much already, are once again without shelter. Last night they had to endure another tragic moment filled with fear and anxiety.  These kids are amazing, and my heart is so broken for them.


We also learned our friends Jay Louis and Sylvestre suffered loss.

Jay Louis lost his tent. His family slept outside in the storm last night.


Sylvestre lost his home, again. His family also slept outside in the storm last night.


Needless to say, we have to act. Here are two ways you can help.

1. We’ve set-up an emergency fund to help purchase tents, food, clothing. You can give via PayPal:

Or, you can send a check to:

Help End Local Poverty – PO Box 202647, Austin, TX 78720

2. Once again this freak act of nature confirms why we need to get this kids home built. We broke ground this past week, but we’re still short of having the kids home 100% funded. Please visit this page. You can give directly to the kids home under RESCUE. Haiti is not a safe place for kids (or anyone) to live in tents. We need to rescue these kids, provide them safe shelter so we can begin to restore their hope and renew their communities.

Of course, please pray deeply.