Haiti is a place of beauty and turmoil. It seems like outside forces are always trying to hold back this small country. They have enough internal problems… but when you add a massive earthquake, and multiple hurricanes/tropical storms, life is treacherous.

Scripture reminds us to never grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9). Haiti reminds me constantly of that truth.

As I watched Tropical Storm Isaac’s projected path, I grew anxious. Haiti simply can’t afford another tragedy. That said, unfortunately the storm rolled over Haiti this past Friday, in the middle of the night, where darkness hangs deep.

At 6AM on Saturday morning I called Pastor St. Cyr. He is a pastor in the largest tent-city in Haiti. 30,000 – 40,000 people call this place home. He leads the most vulnerable people. Tents are no match for 60+ mile per hour winds. He told me that orphans are huddled under trees, families are sleeping in the mud, and many not only lost their homes (tents), but also lost all of their personal belongings.

Once again, this leader was heartbroken for his people.

Once again, he did not complain, but decided to get up and begin to serve those people.

And once again, the Help One Now tribe will stand with our friend in Haiti.

Help One Now committed to give Pastor St. Cyr $2500 for emergency relief. We’ve set up a campaign page and we’re asking you to help fund this project for the people of Haiti. We will give 100% (minus transaction fees) directly for relief supplies.We will also follow-up with a direct impact report, so you will see EXACTLY how your money was used.

How you can help: Sign up for a Pure Charity account, and donate to this project. It will take less than 5 minutes. And, if you can share on FB and Twitter, ask your family and friends to all chip in.

My hope is to send the funds to Pastor St. Cyr as soon as possible, so he can use those funds to bring hope to our friends in the tent city.

I ALWAYS appreciate you, serving, giving, loving and being generous. Together, we are partnering with God and our Haitian leaders to make a difference.


Chris Marlow
Help One Now