Today marked the first full day in Haiti. We left early in the morning so Wade could catch some good light on the way to our 10AM meeting. Driving in Haiti is nuts, especially in PaP. Seeing the earthquake damage was unreal, to think that bodies still lay in the ruble is deeply sad.

Our one goal for this trip was to connect with a local leader, a leader who loves church planting and is already doing orphan care. I think we may have found that guy. My new Haitian friend lost his brother in the earthquake. Since the earthquake, his church has doubled, and he has taken in 14 extra orphans whose parents died in the earthquake. A courageous person no doubt. Yet this pastor needs support and partnership.

There are many issues in Haiti. Yet the people work hard to make ends meet. Their stories are inspiring. Yet, it’s frustrating to think how hard they have to work just to survive.

Last night we crashed at Troy Livesay’s home. It was good to see Troy, Steven Bush and to also meet Robbie Seay. Great time to process our experiences and laugh. Because In Haiti, if you don’t laugh, you may just cry!