Today was our final day in Kenscoff and it was a DOOZY. Yesterday’s clinic went incredibly well; it was highly organized and our team was able to see over 180 people. It went so well that the team didn’t have to close the clinic; the people just sort of petered out. We were not sure if we would have anyone today and we thought about canceling and going to a different spot. But, we made a commitment and figured it would be best to be open for at least a little while.

And it was a good thing we did! When the cars rolled up, there were already over 80 people waiting for the doctors. The dental team pulled anywhere from 1-5 teeth from from 38 people, our eye doctor ran nearly out of eyeglasses and did run out of sunglasses, and the doctors worked from the proverbial sunup to sundown. All told, we lost count after 200 people crossed through the doors of the clinic. The team was just weary, and it was only by God’s grace that the medical staff was able to see everyone.

Today also marks the last full day of our real hard work here in Haiti. Tomorrow, part of the team will be gathering information at JP-One for HELP’s Help One Now campaign in the morning, but in the afternoon, we’ll be spending time at a local art market, having a good local meal, and generally having a good, solid cool down time. It will be great to have a final meeting with everyone to process and talk through the ups and downs of our trip.

Whenever you visit a place like this, it is easy to feel like we’re not doing enough for Haiti. When you take a panoramic view of the land, the information overload is nearly crippling. It feels like we were trying to fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa with some Silly Putty and a toothpick. In the dark. The challenge for us is to remember that we were not called to fix the entire broken nation; we were called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the individuals we encountered.

So please pray that we will not be discouraged by the work left to do but that we will take joy in what we have already accomplished through the seeds we have sown and the lives we have touched.