The photo above was taking at the MoH housing community.

Written by Chris

Our Internet hasn’t been consistently available lately, so we apologize for missing a couple of days of updates!

Today the team got up early and headed down the mountain and through the city as we headed to Mission of Hope. FYI, MoH was crucial for us last May as they took care of us by providing housing, vehicles, drivers, translators and key info. They served us deeply and it’s easy to tell why. They’re making such a big impact in Haiti.

Today we spent time with Jay Cherry, quite possibly the most humble person I know. Jay and his wife Diana moved to Haiti in 2009 as just married 20-somethings. They suffered much the first few months as they tried to care for orphans. Their story is truly amazing.

They took a risk and went to Haiti.
They got sick multiple times.
They ran out of water, food and money, and were forced to learn the language.
They lost money that was raised for orphans to corrupt pastors.
They went through a massive natural disaster, saw death, chaos and pain.
They stay, prayed, and helped the Haitian people, and they continue to do so.

I can’t help but feel this should be more normal, but it’s not.

Thanks Jay and Diana for living in such a way that brings glory to Jesus and sets such a great example to other believers.

Haiti is a better place because of you!