Written by Chris

Yesterday we headed to Yahve Shamma Orphanage. It’s always fun spending time with Pastor Gaétan and his community.

We sat down with Pastor Gaétan and had a frank conversation about sex-trafficking. As we got to the nitty gritty, you could see his heart sink, his eyes became teary and his body language was tensed.

He had never heard of sex-slavery. He was devastated, he was angry and he wants to do something about it.

We moved the needle forward…even if it’s one inch.

Trafficking is not “out-in-the-open” in Haiti. As far as we know their is no red light district.

Women & kids disappear…and it’s easy for this to go unnoticed.

So far we have been able to identify one key action step. How do we inform the church in Haiti that trafficking is taking place? If pastors inform their congregations, we then have a multitude of Haitian abolitionists ready to take action.

One thing I’ve learned about Haitian pastors, once they engage, they’re committed and they will do whatever it takes to make a difference.

And that gives us much hope.

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