Written by Chris

Something changed today for us. I feel like we are growing up, just a bit.

Here’s why.

This morning we had a two-hour conversation with our in-country partner.  Much of that conversation was connected to holistic orphan care. Here’s what we discussed including our priority for orphan care.

1. Family Reunification: How to reconnect orphans back to their (extended) families.
2. In-Country adoptions: Haitians families adopting Haitian orphans.
3. Orphanage Homes: Widows caring for orphans in a home-setting.
4. Kids Homes: Community focused, large-staff kids homes, 4 kids per each adult.

After the conversation, our partner was thrilled. We saw the light go on in his head. There are multiple good ways to care for orphans. Building orphanages is still important and needed, but it’s not the best or only way to care for orphans.

Can’t wait to flesh all this out.