The story of the day — and definitely of the trip so far — came as we were driving through Port-Au-Prince.  As we stopped near the rubble of the Presidential Palace, we had several children run up to the truck and ask for money.  The only thing Chris could say was “Not today.  Hold on, hold on.  Just hold on a little while longer.  It’s going to get better.”  The shakiness of Chris’ voice and the desperation of the little boys as they ran after the truck because it was their only hope just slapped all of us right in the face.

The hardiness of the Haitian people continues to overwhelm me.  It was amazing to see people emerging from the dirt and squalor of their tents dressed for church.  And not just dressed — dressed better than many of us do for our own churches.  The Haitian people refuse to give up on their dignity, although they have had to learn to balance that dignity with their need.

Tomorrow, our team will begin serving Yahve Shamma, a community about 15 minutes outside of Port-au-Prince.  Our medical team will be pulling teeth, checking eyes, and doing some overall general check-ups.  The orphan care team will be running a camp for the 30 orphans sponsored through Help End Local Poverty’s Help One Now initiative.  Please pray that our doctors and nurses are able to work efficiently and effectively so that we can treat a maximum number of people.  Pray that our orphan care team will make lasting connections despite the language barrier and that they will be able to bring joy and fun to (and receive joy and fun from) the children.

(by Ken Nussbaum)