written by Blanca

We arrived safely in Haiti today! Only three of us are here so far – Blanca, Chris and Jacob. The rest of our team comes on Friday.

Our flight arrived at 4:00pm, and it took us about 2 1/2 hours to drive 8 miles to Pastor Jean Alix’s house. Yes, that’s right. The combination of traffic and bumpy roads made the short distance seem quite long. But it was neat to see familiar surroundings as we drove through the city and up to the mountains of Kenscoff.

We had an incredibly delicious home-cooked meal with the pastor and his family, and we talked and laughed for hours. We discussed everything from Haitian politics, to business opportunities, to anti-trafficking work, to farming… Small ideas were becoming bigger and bigger. We mentioned that some of these ideas are just dreams at this point, and Pastor Jean Alix responded – “I understand it’s a dream thing. Well, I’m dreaming with you!”

Pastor Jean Alix is an amazing leader, and he loves and cares deeply for his country. It is such a joy and privilege to partner with him in helping restore and renew Haiti. We look forward to talking with him more as the week progresses, and working together to create a plan and vision to help him and his community.

Keep checking back on this blog for updates throughout our trip!