We made it! All 17 members of the HELP team made it safely to Port-au-Prince this afternoon. Even more of a miracle — we only lost one bag (1st prayer request: recovery of said missing luggage).

We had no idea what we would find upon our arrival to Haiti, especially those of us who have not yet had a chance to visit. Haiti is still reeling from the devastation of last January’s earthquake. was devastated by last January’s earthquake and our returning travellers knew what sort of havoc a severe rainstorm can wreak on this fragile and abused half of the island. Thankfully, the storm didn’t do what it could have, and the country does not have to add “hurricane cleanup” to its extensive rebuilding process.

One of the hardest things for us to remember is that the Haitian people have such a quiet dignity and strength. Their country has not been kind to them, and yet they do not act like victims unless we thrust that upon them. They are the very definition of resilience as most of the people still live with confident optimism. They do not need nor want our pity, but yet they are gracious in receiving our much-needed assistance.

Our day tomorrow will consist of visiting one of our partner churches where Chris will be speaking. We will take a prayer journey to several communities and tent cities to get a feel for the island, a sense of the people, and let the Holy Spirit speak to us for further ways we can serve the country of Haiti. Our medical team will be preparing to help and comfort the hundreds of people that they will be seeing over the next few days, and our orphan care team will be preparing to host their kids camps.

Please keep all of us in your prayers. Take a minute tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon to join us in prayer as we ask God to continue to show grace and mercy on this beautiful, broken land.

For Him,

The HELP team.

(by Ken Nussbaum)