We have close to 30 kids that need sponsors from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. These kids have been through so much since the earthquake in January. They currently live in tents in the front yard of Pastor Gaetan’s home. (see picture) They’ve lost parents, extended family members, friends, homes and community in the earthquake. They struggle daily with basic needs such as food, clothing, medicine, etc! The pictures show a snapshot of the kids. They’re beautiful, happy, and yet so wounded.

They live under tarps in 100 degree heat, yet each day, they attend school, and on Sunday’s they attend church. We’re currently working on building new shelter for them. More info on how you can help us get them a permanent home coming soon.

Haiti-1-682x1024We need to get these kids sponsored asap! So, we’ve decided to add an extra benefit; For the next 30 kids that are sponsored, (Haiti or Zimbabwe) we will give you a free Haiti t-shirt and sticker. You can check out the shirts here.


They need help and relief now. Thanks in advance. We can change the world, one kid at a time!

PS: The kids from Haiti are at the bottom of the sponsorship page. Click on the child’s picture to confirm location.

PSS: Once you sponsor a child, we will email you with more info on how to recevie your free shirt.

Please help us spread the word and get these kids sponsored. If you sponsor a child, please tweet it, facebook it, blog it, etc!

Photo Credit: Scott Wade.